Pre-Beta Testing
Mugen Pre-Beta Testing

You have just entered to the pre-beta-tester's download section. Here you can find the characters you may "test". The date that is in the bottom of the download is the date of the newest file.

Name: Wolverine
Mugen: DC vs Marvel comics (WinMugen Edition)
Creator: Ariel AleX Co. | Colaboradores: Magus y Anubis
Version: Pre-beta 1.0 (95%)
Files: Password protected.
Notes: As far as I know this was the first character released directly for the "Marvel vs. DC comics game" MUGEN EDITION, in other words the "direct edition" of the system, other wise tell me...
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14 / 02 / 2007

Name: Evil Ryu
Mugen: 2001.04.14
Creator: Ariel AleX Co.
Version: Pre-beta.
Notes: This is a pocket Ryu in an Street fighter alpha 2 and 3 Evil Ryu style, it’s very interesting, but its not finished yet, its just a little preview, also I need to receive authorization since I didn't "rip him completely", just the sprite that where missing I edited others, etc. I also added some AI.

27 / 04 / 2005


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